Sometimes a stain is unavoidable. It's very simple to clean, as long as you do it right away.

- Mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap or laundry detergent (harsh detergents will cause drying)

- Dip a non-abrasive (we recommend microfibre) cloth into the mixture.

-Test the mixture on a small portion of the handbag. Try to do this on the interior or the strap if possible. Make sure there's no discolouration before applying the mixture to the actual stain.

- Gently wash the stain by hand using the microfibre cloth. If the stain isn't coming out, or is deep-set, try using a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar instead. In addition to being safe for use on synthetic leather, vinegar helps you get rid of odours from stains naturally.

- Let your bag air dry completely. If you put the bag away before it is dry, you could end up with mould and bacteria grown on the surface.

Note: Some PU leather products claim they are machine washable. We do not recommend ever putting a vegan leather handbag in the washing machine. Hot water used in the washing cycle can be detrimental to the bag, handles, straps and hardware which can be damaged due to agitation. Using a dryer on faux leather can lead to cracking leaving it unsalvageable. Skip the washer and spend those extra few moments cleaning your vegan bag by hand.


Each jewellery is made by hand with utmost care. Slight variations may be present that add to its unique appeal.

To prolong the life of your jewellery, please store it in a cool, dry environment, and separately to avoid scratching.

We suggest wearing your piece often, as the oils of your skin help to prevent oxidation. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest removing your jewellery before swimming, bathing or using harsh chemicals to maintain shine and colour.