Our journey started as CLOVER, a brand created in 2018 with cruelty-free and ethical to all beings in mind. The brand was set with a mission to draw profit to support NGOs to advocate, to rescue, to be the voice of awareness that each purchase matters, "where ease and luxury in fashion and freedom to all living beings meet".

CLOVER was great. But we feel the need to shift our design approach, our brand position according to the global change, the human behaviour and needs.

OVE is greater. It simply means Our Vibe Extends and you might not see labels visibly on the outside because we find how we carry the style is much more impactful.

An OVE girl says, "My job requires travelling and I'm inspired by endless encounters with culture all over the world. I don't need a lot to wear, but only the basics that are easy to style and transformable to another look, which keeps me well-prepared, effortless and versatile."